Web design myths that small businesses often believe

December 13, 2016

Getting a website built sounds overwhelming to most small businesses. Lack of IT knowledge, financial constraints, and failure to understand the importance of having website are some of the common reasons why businesses choose to stay away from the online world. But, businesses cannot afford to stay offline any longer. If you want to grow, you will have to join the online revolution and make your presence felt among your growing online audience.
While it sounds like a rocket-science, getting a website built is actually far easier than you would expect. You just need to clear these myths to see the difference:

Myth 1: You don’t need a website to get business

The generic view of most small businesses that approach us is that they need a website only to keep up with their competitors. Do not get a website only because someone else has one. Be clear with what you want to achieve from it and how. If you are not fully convinced with the idea, do not jump into the bandwagon. You don’t need to invest in a website when you are not prepared to use it. Sit down and understand why you need a website, how much you will have to contribute towards its development and how it can help you with your business goals. Then, approach Turnkey Media who is Brisbane’s best website developer and we will guide you to achieve your goals.

Myth 2: You are not skilled enough to run your website

This is potentially true. While HTML, CSS, and other jargons can sound scary, you don’t have to learn them to manage your website. At Turnkey Media, our Brisbane web developers strive hard to build a website that you will be able to manage independently without requiring any professional help. All you need is know is how to use a computer. Some web developers charge you a hefty website management fee but we don’t have those ongoing fee’s. We want you to have complete control over your website. We want you to own a website even when you are not in a position to pay hefty web development fees. This is the reason why we have created free how-to guides that you can refer when you want to make changes to your website. This way, you can save the hefty website management fees.

Myth 3: You need to add a lot of features and effects to impress your visitors

Very often people ask us to add unnecessary effects and graphic designs assuming that these will help them influence their visitor’s decision. We however, suggest you to go ahead with a simple, user-friendly, and search engine friendly design. Cool effects and graphics come with a big price tag and yet, they may not be able to impress the visitors. Very often your visitors are in a hurry and all they want to do is to look for information they need. They are not really interested in the stunning effects and moreover, they are looking for a credible business. So, keep your web design simple yet professional.

Myth 4: You need to work with multiple vendors to get your website up and running

This used to be the case a few years ago but things have changed now. These days, most web developers offer end to end services. At Turkey Media, we are able to handle your website from concept to completion, which means, we can design your logo, build your website, write the content, buy a domain name for you, make your website live, host it, and manage it. You only have to tell us what you are looking for and we will work on your ideas so that you can work on other priorities of your business.
If you have believed in these myths, it’s high time you must clear your doubts and expand your business’s online presence. Contact Turnkey Media today and we will assist you with all your queries.