These not-so-major mistakes can ruin your website!!!

April 13, 2016

There are millions of websites on the internet and thousands of them are created every day. Unfortunately, your website has to compete with all of them and you have to make it stand out. To maximise its potential, your main focus should be creating an amazing user-experience.

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Most web designers don’t bother about user-experience; they just want to be creative. But, their creativity starts dominating usability and that’s why your website fails. Here are some mistakes that you must avoid or else your website will fail to impress your audience.[/vc_column_text]

Where to go!!!

Most web designers don’t worry about user-experience; they just want to be creative. But, their creativity starts dominating usability and that’s why your website fails. Here are some mistakes that you must avoid otherwise your website will fail to impress your audience.


Bad example:

This website is cluttered and confusing. You will probably lose your patience while searching for their phone number. At the end, you will give up and look for other websites.

Good example:

This is our website. You can quickly move around it without even making slightest efforts and that’s why we have an unbelievably low bounce rate.

A lot of mess around

Are you someone who wants to use every bit of the space on your website assuming that it will attract people and give you more conversions? Lots of colourful buttons, crazy effects, and images can actually turn off the visitors. See this and decide if you would like to spend time here. You will actually start hating this website after 5 seconds.

Simple, logical, and mobile-friendly pages are actually magical and can give you a better response than those that are packed with images, text, and lots of buttons that can turn anyone crazy. The white space on the sides is not meant to be stuffed with buttons and images. Leave some blank space or else your readers will feel suffocated. Keep the design simple and engaging and then, people would want to move ahead, instead of hitting the back button.

See the below website that we have created for a mover and packer company. It is simple, stunning, and quite engaging.


Increasing your social circle is very important for your website. It not only helps your website rank better but also gives you a better response and a better conversion. The vaster your network is, the more credible you sound. Your social profiles are your assets, so display them proudly and you will be surprised to see how they can lure more people towards your website.

We have many socially active clients and they are very happy with the results.

What the heck do you do!

If this is what your readers think, it’s about time that you must re-write your entire website. The content should not be written from your perspective, as it is not supposed to please you. You must put content that helps readers identify who you are, what you do, and why they must choose you (and all these questions have to be answered within just 5-10 seconds).

Too much or too little content is considered to be useless. Search engine giant Google recommends that you must have at least 300 words of content on each page of your website. The content must clearly state what you do, whom you cater to, and other relevant questions that your visitors may have in mind. It should be simple and logical. It should be readable and understandable. Your content can change people’s perspective. Even if you have a well-designed website, poor content can send your customers back.

You may not realise it but these mistakes can have a severe impact on your website’s performance. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your website and we will show you why your website is kicking along like a 105 year old man.