Suffering due to a slow website? Stop crawling and start running!

April 29, 2016

Search engine giant Google recommends that an ideal website should load in 1.5-2 seconds. While this may sound unrealistic to many, internet users want this. We do not have the patience to wait. So, every extra second could mean missed opportunity.
Your website’s speed is very critical. No matter how lovely and user-friendly it is, if it doesn’t load instantly, it is probably useless. Here are some common reasons why your website may be bogged down.

The images and videos are too bulkyyyyyyy

Unoptimised content; especially images and videos are the number one reason why your website is crawling. Unoptimised content refers to those images and videos that can be reduced in size without altering/affecting the quality. This means optimisation will not have any visual impact on the user and the process is also known as lossless optimisation. The content is optimised using lossless methods so that they look exactly the same as original ones; you just need to get rid of the extraneous metadata. There are tons of free and paid image and video optimisers available online. If you haven’t yet tried squeezing the images and videos on your website, we can help you.

Ah! The flash isn’t really helping you

Flash may seem interesting and fun to you and your developer, but it can severely affect your website’s speed. Flash allows you do cool things but it is bulky software and is almost incompatible with mobile devices. So this means, most of your audience will have trouble accessing your website. Kick it away and go for a simple, flash-free website.

Yes, that could be due to those bad codes and plugins

Those tiny little buttons and redirects are not always good. The plugin you installed to load a form or the social buttons that link your website socially can cause strain. You can’t always avoid using them, so use those plugins that have highest positive ratings, even if you have to pay more for them.
Bulky codes are another reason why your website does not loading instantly. CSS coders often include excessive white space to improve readability. This is a great thing but unnecessary white space and line breaks can make your website heavy. Thankfully, these can be eliminated without impacting the readability of your website.

Your server could be overburdened

Poor, over-loaded servers can also slow down your website. If you host with Turnkey Media, server issues will be the least possible reason. Our server is constantly monitored and updated to make sure the websites hosted on it are performing at optimal speed. If you want 99.99% uptime, you can host with us and we assure you that your website will load faster than it is.
A slow website can disappoint your audience as well as the search engines. Don’t let the speed pull down your rankings. Contact us today for genuine advice and reliable, long-term solutions.