Case Study

SMW Painters and Decorators

SMW Painters and Decorators is a family business that is owned and operated by Scott Wilson. With more than 10 years of experience, Scott is a third generation painter who has learned the secrets of the trade from his father Mark.Scott prides himself on being able to provide expert technical advice, innovative interior design solutions, as well as being able to work together with his clients’ expectations and budget.

What they needed

The primary source of Scott’s business was word of mouth publicity. While referrals helped him get a lot of business, he started feeling the need of website where he can showcase his work. His prospects always wanted to see his previous work before making their final decision. Absence of website often left his prospects in doubt, which Scottobviously didn’t want. Scott wanted a simple, easy to navigate website where he can showcase the work done by him and his team.

What we did

Scott wanted a simple and high ROI website. When he contacted us, he seemed frustrated trying to navigate the online world. We guessed that he had been quoted exorbitant prices by other web designers. We offered him our basic web-design package and he agreed, our basis package includes simple, 5-page website that is optimised for mobile devices. It is built on WordPress and we provide how-to guides on managing your website on your own. These are our USPs and he obviously realised that other web developers were not offering him such a great deal.

What we achieved

Scott was extremely pleased with his website. The first thing he did was to get his website’s URL printed on his visiting card and email it to all his clients. Within the first 2 weeks, we got a significant amount of traffic to his website, which meant that his prospects and clients were very keen on seeing his previous work. Very soon, he started getting organic traffic and even quotation requests through his website. He never expected that his website would be able to get him business.

SMW Painters and Decorators’ response on our achievement

It’s been great working with Turnkey Media. Not only did they built my website quickly, but they always responded quickly to any of my emails, something that I see as a high level of professionalism. They designed a great site and also helped me improve my search engine rankings. Highly recommended!

SMW Painting & Decorating
Scott Wilson