simple tips to improve your website

May 16, 2016


Congratulations on your new website. We are sure you will be excited to market it everywhere possible.

Wait. Don’t get lured by the glossy colours and bright, colourful images. Your website may seem perfect to you as well as your web designer, but it may still fail to gather some eyeballs.

In many of our earlier blogs, we have explained how important customer satisfaction and user experience are for your website’s success. What we didn’t mention in any of them is, the importance of being perfect; and the perfection has to be from customers’ perspective.

If you got your website built only for the sake of using the URL in your email signature and business cards then you might not need to focus energy on making it a lead generation website. But, if you want it to be your biggest lead generator, follow these 3 steps and we bet you will be able to make your website a lot better.

Step 1: Check your website thoroughly on different devices and browsers

Don’t look at your website with appreciation; look for flaws. That’s how you will be able to make it perfect. Try different devices and different browsers. Do not just stay on the home page. Go through all pages, all buttons, and all parts of your website. Is the map clearly visible on the phone? Does the cart button load properly on an ipad. Are the images loading properly on all eb browsers? Can people call you directly by touching the phone number? Are all the buttons clickable?

Don’t evaluate your website in one go. Spend an hour on it every day until you feel it’s enough. If you are able to spot some mistakes, don’t be disappointed as you can fix them. The more mistakes you find the better.

Step 2: Contact your customers and ask for feedback

You must have heard stories of how big brands such as Facebook had offered millions of dollars to people who can find a bug or a loophole in their system. Those stories are true. They actually paid millions of dollars to make their website perfect for users. You don’t really have to copy them. But, you can ask others to help you.

Email your recent customers and tell them that you need their help in improving your website. There is no harm in seeking an honest opinions and who would be better than your clients! You might offer them a discount coupons as a token of appreciation. You won’t believe but just 5 people would be able to tell you 80% of the problems with your website.

Step 3: Watch out your competitors

Make it a point to review your competitors’ website, social sites, and marketing campaigns regularly. You don’t have to copy what they are doing. But, their strategies will give you many great ideas. Evaluate your website regularly to see where you stand among your competition. Is their content more powerful than yours? Are they offering better discounts? Does their website load faster than yours? Does your website rank better than others? Your competition is the best source to generate creative ideas that will help you make your website look better than theirs.

Creating a website is easy but creating a simple yet entertaining, user-friendly, and flawless website requires a lot of time and efforts. If you already have a website and want us to review it, email us at This is a cost-free and obligation free service.