Case Study

My Shipper

MyShipper is an easy and efficient gateway for businesses to source products from overseas. By using MyShipper, Australian businesses are able to buy directly from Chinese manufacturers, cutting agent and wholesaler fees, which can dramatically reduce their costs and increase their sales. This supports businesses, which otherwise do not have the resources or the means to access Chinese manufacturers and enables them to benefit from recent trade partnerships with China.

What they needed

MyShipper had clear business goals; to help businesses source quality products from china at highly affordable prices. They knew they have a great market and their existing website was ranking well and getting them organic traffic. However, it wasn’t mobile-friendly. Moreover, it had a very traditional look, which was affecting their reputation. Marc Bolliger and Ed Horwood, co-founder of MyShipper desperately wanted to give a new look to their website but they didn’t want to lose their SEO rank and organic traffic.

What we did

We convinced Mark and Ed that we will retain their SEO rank and organic traffic, while still building a new, mobile-friendly website for them. This is exactly what they wanted, so agreed instantly! For us, it was a great opportunity to design a website for this huge group. After a few brainstorming sessions, we created our first draft and they liked it! The scrolling bar under the main image on the home page instantly grabs people’s attention and tells them that they can literally source anything through MyShipper. There are separate pages for information on shipping, purchasing, quality control, Customs tax and duty, etc. Each page has extensive information and therefore, the visitors will get a clear idea on how they work and what they can do for their clients.

What we achieved

Mark and Ed were surprised to learn that their ranking and organic traffic was not at all affected by their new website. Ideally, this is our biggest achievement. Since the new website went live, MyShipper saw 115% increase in online inquiries. Within 5 weeks their Facebook likes and following increased by 180% and their site saw 150% increase in site revenue.