Case Study

Home of 12 Volt

It is an ecommerce store that sells a wide range of accessories for caravans such as solar panels, inverters, battery chargers, etc. It was started in September 2006 at Montague Farm Shopping Centre. Since then Home of 12 Volt has continued to expand and improve their product range and service, which caters for all of your 4WD, camping and caravanning needs. A strong partnership has seen Home of 12 Volt Northern grow into a respected and trusted business that now has customers from all over Australia.

What they needed

Every website that exists on the World Wide Web has to adhere to search engine guidelines or else they will be de-indexed or penalised. This is the reason why the websites need to be updated continuously. This is exactly what Home of 12 Volts needed as they had an outdated website that was not compatible with search engines. Itwas not an ecommerce store and they were unable to cater to the entire Australia.

What we did

We built an ecommerce store for them that is 100% responsive and adheres to all relevant search engine guidelines. Home of 12 Volt suffered no SEO loss while rebuilding their website and transferring it to the existing domain name. We also created a email marketing campaign for them so that interested people could subscribe to their blogs, news, and articles. The website has a Shows and events which proved to be popular with the ‘add to calendar’ button .

Turnkey Media Are Quick To Respond To Queries, Changes, Questions Or Help We May Need, Hence We Have Worked Together To Designed A Site That We Are Thrilled With. I Have No Hesitation In Recommending Turnkey Media As Their Team Are Professional, Reliable, Helpful And Very Friendly. Home Of 12 Volt



increase in traffic within the first month of launching the new website


increase in site revenue


increase in conversion rate