Case Study

Gilligan’s Café and Bar

Located in Magnetic Island, Gilligan’s Café and Bar is an affordable dining place for locals as well as tourists. It is owned and operated by Peter and Gillian Molloy. This theme-based café and bar is named after the classic comedy series ‘Gillian’s Island’. Itserves‘modern Australian menu’, which is designed to satisfy the taste buds of locals as well as the tourists. From pastas and sauces to cakes and rolls; everything they serve is freshly made. They offer many gluten-free and dairy-free options for health lovers. The backyard has Gilligan’s popular Ship Wrecked Bar where you can sit and enjoy your beverages.

What they needed

Peter and Gilligan Molloy had started their ‘Gilligan island’ themed café and bar in April 2014. They had received a good response from the locals who were looking for affordable dining options but they still needed a lot more business to get a positive ROI. Peter and Gilligan had no luck in brainstorming ideas on how to attract more customers and finally they contacted us for help in 2015.
Mixing affordability and great food, Gilligan’s Café and Bar had huge potential to attract people who wanted to have a great time on a theme-based café, yet want to keep their budget low.

What we did

Discounts, offers, and standard marketing procedures didn’t help Gilligan’s in the way they wanted so they decided to opt for a lead generating website to expand their reach and get more customers.Gillian and Peter wanted their website to instantly convey what they are, a theme based café and bar serving affordable yet fresh food. We created this stunning website for them The background indeed conveys their message instantly. We created a deals page for them where they could list their current offerings and help people decide which one they wanted. The website also has a menu page that helps travellers and party hosts to finalise their menu in advance.
While we were working on their website, we suggested that theycreated their Facebook page and they instantly agreed. Social pages are of great help when it comes to internet marketing.

Turnkey Media understood my lack of knowledge in the web design area and they worked with me to come up with some great ideas to truly make my site exciting, interactive and visually appealing to all visiting my website. I am very proud of what WE have created. Thanks Turnkey Media, I love my website and thanks for making it great. I would recommend your business to anyone looking for a website.

Gilligan’s Cafe & Bar
Gillian Molloy

The Results

The Molloy’s of Gilligan Cafe & Bar wanted their website up and running as soon as possible to capitalise on demand and we were able to deliver their website within 8 weeks. We also maximised the marketing with a social media push that delivered them a great response.


increase in business


increase in advance table booking


Facebook likes, 4.9 star rating and 59 reviews