Best e-commerce practices that you need to follow in 2016

May 20, 2016

E-commerce is in trend that is only growing, more and more people want to shop online and save time and effort (and of course money). If you have an online store, happy days are ahead for you. But, you need to gear up for the future sales. We don’t mean stocking the inventory. We want you to learn these best practices that will help you beat the competition, attract more potential customers and generate more conversions.

Be a content-led e-commerce store

Your e-commerce website should have sufficient content to help your prospects make an informed decision. So, don’t stuff the homepage with products. Instead, use this page to convey your message. Tell them who you are and what you do. Convey the brand message. Visitors can dive into shopping later; first, build a bonding with them. You can have links to respective product pages or may display some of your best selling products on homepage but do not focus on sales only.

Prove yourself socially

If you are a new brand or if you are not very popular in the market, the buyers will not be confident about you. If you reduce their anxiety, you will see a lot of positive conversions. The best way to do this is to share your social activities. If you have social profiles, link them to your website. If you are featured in the press, if you have received any industry award, or if you have any industry accreditations, place them prominently on the website, possibly in the header itself.

Have clear shipping options

This sounds obvious but most newbies do not mention anything about shipping until the customer find out about it when placing the order. The best thing that you could do in 2016 is to mention your shipping in the header. You don’t have to mention the entire shipping terms; just a rough overview will let your buyers decide if they want to continue shopping. If you are offering free national shipping or free shipping over certain order amount, mention this prominently in the header. Incidents of shopping cart abandonment will be lower in such cases. If you are not offering free shipping, mention the rates clearly.

Use popups to make shopping easy

Web designers these days are more inclined towards improving a customers’ convenience. A shopping popup is a great idea. Your users don’t have to go to the product page, place an order there, return to the main page, and dive into other pages again. A popup will help them make a purchase in just one click. We have a client who has opted for this popup and they are happy to have it on their website.

Use high-quality photography

With larger screen sizes and image zoom options, it is very important to have high-quality images that give a clear view of your products. In e-commerce, your images will help you leave a strong impression on your customers. Bad photography will turn off your visitors, whereas self-photography may not help you impress them. Hire a professional product photographer to have consistency in your images.

If you want a genuine, expert opinion about your e-commerce store, contact us today for an obligation free consultation. We will evaluate your online store and will provide you a detailed analysis report free of cost.