Case Study

Aussie Mega Mall

Aussie Mega Mall supports Australian businesses by providing them an online market place where they can fight back against overseas online stores. With a suite of valuable marketing and sales tools, attracting shoppers and vendors was what they wanted most. Aussie Mega Mall is the largest online market place in Australia with more than 30,000 stores and 7,000,000 happy customers.

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What they needed

When Darryl Reeves came up with the concept of having an online Mega Mall, it was something new and unique. They were very confident that their concept was going to be a big hit and they needed a team to help them with the technical side of the business with a priority on a extremely simple UI.

What we did

Our objective was to create a low-cost, user-friendly and aesthetically beautiful website with the goal of ensuring that all the businesses that listed themselves with Aussie Mega Mall generated good sales and traffic. To achieve this, we created a ‘Todays 25 most visited aisles’ section in the home page which helped visitors quickly access the stores they are looking for.

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The Results

Motivating small businesses to list their online store with Aussie Mega Mall for free wasn’t that easy as researched show that brick and mortar stores feared they were not technically sound to operate their business online. We worked with the management and sales staff at Aussie Mega Mall to create an extremely simple dashboard. The efforts delivered a high ROI and here is what we got:

More than 5,000 businesses listed on the first week of launching the website!

Solid coverage in print, online, and digital media including channel 7 and channel 9

More than 7,000,000 users